Webinar Video: STO lifecycle and Cyber Security

If you missed our webinar – Protecting the lifecycle of regulated tokens’ you are in the right place.

On April 2nd 2020, we held a zoom webinar with our partners at Tokensoft to educate about regulated tokens, blockchain, compliance and security. If you missed it or would like to see it again Please see below the individual talks and full webinar

Next webinar: Fireside chat with Andrey Iaremenko, Hub Security CTO, on COVID-19 era hackers, quantum computing, government backdoor,…

Introduction to STO’s and Cyber Security – David Hochhauser, CRO, Hub Security

The Security Token Lifecycle – Mason Borda, CEO, Tokensoft

Security Risks and Principles for Regulated Tokens – Ido Helshtock, CPO, Hub Security

Full webinar (including Summary and Q&A)

Learn more on STO’s, digital assets, blockchain and security

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