HUB Vault HSM as a Service

Be Secure with HUB Security's Cloud HSM

With an ultra-secure hardware and software platform, the HUB Vault HSM as a Service is made to protect your most valuable digital assets, keys, applications and sensitive organizational processes.

The programmable and customizable MultiCore HSM service enables companies a simple, flexible and scalable digital transformation to the cloud – Single cloud, multi-cloud, private cloud, data centers or hybrid strategies.


HUB Vault HSM as a service

Built for Multi-Cloud Strategies

HUB Security offers you an agile service that can be used for a singular or a multi-cloud strategy. 


Highly flexible multi-cloud HSM 

  • A reliable, scalable and highly available platform
  • Common use-cases: Payments, encryption, authorization, keys management, payments processing, identity management, Multi-Factor authentication
  • Hosting locations from multiple secure facilities around the world
  • Easy migration in and out of the cloud 

Cost effective cloud HSM 

The HUB Vault HSM as a Service is customizable for your needs. The price for it is adjusted accordingly – you pay only for what you need and use


Secure remote access and control

  • Maximum security for controlling your assets with a Mini-HSM device 
  • The Mini-HSM operates the Hub Vault HSM as a Service remotely, enabling you full control of your assets, policies, keys and applications

All-In-One Cloud HSM Service

HUB Vault HSM as a Service: 

Providing the highest levels of security, scalability, flexibility and performance, at the lowest cost of ownership.

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Banking and Finance

Securing high value transactions, swift, digital payments and assets with Hub Security HSM Vault designed for fips 140-2 level 4 customizable HSM

Cloud and Telecom

Cloud KMS-HSM as a service. Low cost, high efficiency , multicore HSM built for cloud. Full hardware isolation and secure enclave for each tenant.

Smart City and IoT

Micro HSM integrated into any system to protect IoT use cases including transportation, smart cities, data privacy and identity. 

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Fips 140-2 Level 4 design to meet banking and financial standard. Insurance protection for digital assets

Critical Infrastructure

Aligned with critical infrastructure standard. Securing identity management, remote workforce access


Protecting high sensitive data, medical records and supply chain. Medical identity authentication  

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