Free Log4j Vulnerability Detection - By HUB Security

ddos attack

Ultimate protection for 1-day exploits

Log4j Protection by HUB Security

Solution Highlights

protecting media

Protect 1-day exploits ultimate protection:

  • Automated mapping for the attacked surface
  • Vulnerability focused code review 
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Threat hunting detecting already hacked networks
  • HUB Security’s confidential compute to protect against existing and future vulnerabilities from being exploited

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    Banking and Finance

    Securing high value transactions, swift, digital payments and assets with Hub Security HSM Vault designed for fips 140-2 level 4 customizable HSM

    Cloud and Telecom

    Cloud KMS-HSM as a service. Low cost, high efficiency , multicore HSM built for cloud. Full hardware isolation and secure enclave for each tenant.

    Smart City and IoT

    Micro HSM integrated into any system to protect IoT use cases including transportation, smart cities, data privacy and identity. 

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