HUB Security Vault for Confidential Computing

Confidential computing

HUB Vault Confidential Computing Platform

HUB Security’s Vault HSM Confidential Computing platform enables a secure environment for applications to run inside its highly-secure enclave, designed for FIPS 140-3 level 4.

With an ultra-secure hardware and software platform, the HUB Vault HSM is a confidential computing platform, designed to provide security and privacy for your most sensitive organizational applications and data – while in use.

The programmable and customizable MultiCore HSM enables companies a secure, fast and flexible environment to execute valuable applications such as A.I. (training and inferencing), as well as general computing applications for telecom, financial institutions, healthcare, fintech, digital assets and blockchain.

Data Security & Privacy in use
Everything runs inside the secure enclave, for optimal security and privacy:
Full applications, machine learning and A.I, access control, policies and rules, accounts, keys, identity management and audit logs

Multi-Core HSM
– Up to 100 HSM Cores inside one appliance
– Support for CPU, FPGA and GPU
– Full hardware isolation for keys and applications between clients
– 100 GB storage for each Core
– Thousands of applications and keys per Core

HUB Security HSM and miniHSM

Quantum Ready
– Quantum RNG is embedded within each Core
– Quantum-resistant algorithms acceleration in hardware
– Quantum Key Distribution support for ETSI GS QKD 014 standard

Innovative Multi-Layer Security
– Built to FIPS 140-3 Level 4
– Embedded hardware firewall isolation for each Core
– Physical tamper detection and response
– Access control, rules and policies engine
– Secure remote administration with a mini-HSM device

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    Banking and Finance

    Securing high value transactions, swift, digital payments and assets with Hub Security HSM Vault designed for fips 140-2 level 4 customizable HSM

    Cloud and Telecom

    Cloud KMS-HSM as a service. Low cost, high efficiency , multicore HSM built for cloud. Full hardware isolation and secure enclave for each tenant.

    Smart City and IoT

    Micro HSM integrated into any system to protect IoT use cases including transportation, smart cities, data privacy and identity. 

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