Blockchain and Digital Assets

The rise of digital assets and blockchain applications introduces new business opportunities and tools to the financial ecosystem. Hub Security protects digital payments, crypto assets and other blockchain applications as well as Swift, pin translation and physical asset transactions

HUB Security customizable hardware cyber platform is built to address new challenges with one-of-a-kind quantum proof HSM, Fips 140-2 level 4 design and insurance protection for digital assets. Highly secured and programmable HSM, sending, signing, and authenticating transactions is quick, easy, and intuitive. Hub Security’s mini HSM allows secure access to team members working remotely regardless of the application or the location. Always available and online, distributed redundancy solution enables fast and automatic backup in real time.

Use cases protected:

  • High volume transactions and payments (SWIFT, SEPA, Blockchain)
  • Pin translation
  • Policy and authorisation flow
  • Cloud payments
  • Crypto asset custody insurance protection
  • Smart contract
  • Digital asset custody
  • Tokenization, token issuance

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