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LS International
cloud security

Hub Security Partners with Global IT Provider LS International

Tel-Aviv based cybertech firm Hub Security has now announced another strategic partnership with LS International. The new deal will extend LS International’s specialized combination of cybersecurity products and industry-leading security solutions to enterprises, remote management and cloud services.

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The Case for Accelerated Hardware and the Programmable HSM
Artificial Intelligence

Accelerated Hardware and the Programmable HSM

Using accelerated hardware, an operation can be computed faster than software running on a general CPU. Conducting tasks using specially-designed hardware can decrease latency, increase throughput, and increase parallelism. On a software-level, it can also lead to faster development, lower non-recurring engineering costs, and heightened portability.

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Cyber Security

Hub Security Releases First-of-its-kind Quantum-proof Programmable HSM

Hub Security’s newest flexible HSM will help organizations weather the coming evolution of cyberattacks and threats related to quantum computing. While current industry-standard HSMs are equipped to run quantum computing algorithms, many of them provide these capabilities purely on a software level, making them low-performing and unsuitable for cloud and payment processing and other real-world applications.

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