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What Facebook’s Hack Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity

The breach is a reminder of Facebook’s ability to collect troves of personal information on its users, as well as the challenges it faces in securing such sensitive data. The incident is a reminder of Facebook’s tumultuous history when it comes to data privacy.

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Artificial Intelligence

With Growing Cloud Security, Is Hardware Still Needed?

In order for data-sensitive organizations to stay fully protected from ongoing threats, they must be thinking further –– beyond their cloud infrastructure. The hardware component is still missing from the equation. In this article, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions I often receive regarding the need for hardware when it comes to protecting hybrid cloud environments.

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top cyber threats facing banks

Top Cyber Threats Facing Banks in 2021

The financial sector’s ongoing digital transformation and COVID-induced cloud reliance have caused the sector’s attack surface to grow exponentially, exposing organizations to increased levels of cyberthreat activity. Another key accelerator to all this is the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to cause a sharp wave of poverty, invariably leading to higher rates of cybercrime in the coming years.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Confidential Computing

Confidential computing is secure computing technology that is designed to ensure that sensitive data in use remains safe, confidential, and accessible to authorized users. Confidential computing eliminates the remaining vulnerabilities created by loosely-defined security protocols, weak perimeter filtering, and inadequate isolation tactics, by protecting data when it is processed in an external and non-secure environment

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