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The Cyber Risks of Two-Factor Authentication

Phishing attacks are only successful because of the psychological manipulation of social engineering. By using well-known security methods like 2FA, cybercriminals not only manipulate victims into handing over sensitive personal data but also reinforce a false sense of security for employees and company admins.

Critical Infrastructure Security

rom a cyberattack on a nuclear power plant to an exposed electrical grid, every government holds the responsibility of protecting its citizens from harm. This is why critical infrastructure security is essential to protecting countries against natural disasters, terrorist activities, and harmful cyber threats.

The Case for Accelerated Hardware and the Programmable HSM

Using accelerated hardware, an operation can be computed faster than software running on a general CPU. Conducting tasks using specially-designed hardware can decrease latency, increase throughput, and increase parallelism. On a software-level, it can also lead to faster development, lower non-recurring engineering costs, and heightened portability.

Hub Security’s newest flexible HSM will help organizations weather the coming evolution of cyberattacks and threats related to quantum computing. While current industry-standard HSMs are equipped to run quantum computing algorithms, many of them provide these capabilities purely on a software level, making them low-performing and unsuitable for cloud and payment processing and other real-world applications.

Aviation Industry Grapples with Basic Cyber Protection

The latest hack signals how imperative it is for enterprise airlines to ensure Infosecurity best practices are put in place in order to avoid future devastating data breaches from taking place. The industry as a whole lacks strict requirements to prevent such incidents or even adhere to specific cybersecurity standards.

Secure remote voting

In fact, blockchain voting has already been creating waves and changing elections. Overseas military from West Virginia, USA for example can already vote in their local elections using just their mobile phones. A combination of encryption and blockchain registry then tallies their votes.

Threats to Critical Infrastructure Security. Photo by Levi Frey on Unsplash

5 Threats to Critical Infrastructure Security

Vulnerabilities and threats related to Critical Infrastructures have been recognized risks for a long time. From disruptions to a nuclear power plant to an exposed electrical grid, both public and private institutions hold the responsibility of protecting the public from potential cyberattacks. This is why Critical Infrastructure Security is essential for protecting citizens against natural disasters, terrorist activities, and harmful cyber-threats.

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