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Dr.Wendy Ng

This week we had the pleasure to interview Dr. Wendy Ng, Cloud Security Architect Lead at OneWeb and discuss zero trust, software vulnerabilities and security practices. Dr. Wendy Ng will be a speaker on our next 'Zero-Trust Security Approach' online Summit this week.

colonial pipeline

The Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid hackers a ransom of $4.4 million in bitcoin soon after discovering the attack on its systems which began May 6th. In addition, the hackers also stole nearly 100 gigabytes of data from Colonial Pipeline and subsequently threatened to leak it in one of the most high-profile ransomware attacks of the last decade.

HUB Security for digital assets

Hub Security’s Vault HSM goes well beyond the average run-of-the-mill key management solution. HUB as a platform not only protects, isolates and insures your company’s digital assets, but also provides the infrastructure you need to access and use them securely. With the ability to set custom internal policies and permissions, organizations big or small can now use the HUB platform to defend against ongoing threats to their security’s IT infrastructure.

Security threats facing AI and ML

An emerging space within AI is the need to share and access more big data from semi trusting parties in order to achieve better models and insights. A good example is multiple healthcare providers sharing images and their interpretation in order to create an AI model to detect anomalies on its own. The more images the better algorithm. This scenario requires the model to access data from all healthcare providers, but assure that images cannot be accessed by each individual healthcare provider to another.

London Tower

Gaining immunity to privilege escalation

Many cybersecurity attacks these days are characterized by a stealth approach by hackers. The methods of gaining initial admission to a system are well-known. These include zero-day exploits, IT misconfigurations, coding errors and bugs, installation of malware by careless clicks or unauthorized hardware, phishing, social engineering, or brute force cracking of passwords.

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HealthCare & AI Protection by HUB Security

AI in Healthcare Security

HUB Security’s hardware solution allows a safe environment for machine learning and artificial intelligence processes to take place, while any concern for unwanted visibility between different models. By using Confidential Computing methods we allow for effective collaborative machine learning to take place, thus enabling previously unattainable ventures, in a secure environment.

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