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The Case for Accelerated Hardware

  Now more than ever, electronic devices that are critical to our everyday life, from complex IoT infrastructures to national defense systems, are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Yet one huge problem remains for those attempting to safeguard the Internet’s newfound interconnectivity: the amount of computing power required. Many...

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Hub Security Releases First-of-its-kind Quantum-proof HSM

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 22, 2020  Following the close of its $5 million Series A funding round in late April, cybertech company Hub Security today unveiled its next-gen Hardware Security Module (HSM), the first to offer quantum-proof capabilities to enterprises. The new solution includes hardware-embedded support for quantum-resistant algorithms as well...

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What Is Real Estate Tokenization

  As blockchain-powered solutions expand far beyond the financial industry, investors are beginning to turn their eye to the use of cross-industry tokenization. Blockchain’s decentralized and transparent characteristics make it appreciated by banks, investors, and logistic experts alike –– as its potential applications are innumerable and far reaching. Now...

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Aviation Industry Grapples with Basic Cyber Protection

  EasyJet, one of UK’s largest budget airlines disclosed to its customers in March that a massive data breach had taken place, affecting nine million of its customers and involving over 2,000 credit-card details. EasyJet now reports it has been the target of a “highly sophisticated” attack, which provided...

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What is Homomorphic Encryption

  Technology is changing rapidly around us daily and a growing number of organizations are implementing service to improve their security and levels of productivity. However, as we enter the new generation of connectivity and exponential growth of personal data generation and collection, we must re-examine the entire idea...

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Digital Wallet for Enterprises

We had the pleasure to host the webinar ‘Digital Wallets for Enterprises’ last week. On the event we hosted Vipin Bharatha, an industry expert for blockchain and digital assets, along side David Hochhauser, Hub Security’s CRO. See the full recording below

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Webinar Video – IoT Cyber Vulnerabilities, smart cities and beer

Last week Hub Security CTO, Andrey Iaremenko, discussed IoT cyber vulnerabilities. The topics discussed included also security risks with smart cities, cars and homes. See below the webinar intro to IoT, IoT vulnerabilities and the full webinar recording. Intro to IoT IoT Cyber Vulnerabilities IoT and Beer – Full...

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Webinar: Securing Remote Access

Hub Security’s Chief Product Officer Ido Helshtock joined OurCrowd’s Cyber Security webinar to discuss working remotely and secure access at current times.

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The Pathway to Secure Remote Voting

A recent Senate memo released this week offered a peek into the US government’s efforts to leverage blockchain technology, with security as a core focus. The memo was drafted for a roundtable aimed at exploring the “Continuity of Senate Operations and Remote Voting in Times of Crisis.”  It outlines...

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Tackling Cloud Security in Uncertain Times

More data and applications than ever have moved to the cloud creating unique infosecurity challenges for both cloud providers and cloud customers alike. Cloud data storage security has forced today’s cybercriminals to invent new ways to circumvent today’s cyber solutions in order to gain access to the sensitive data...

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AXA Ventures Leads $5 Million Investment in Next-generation Cybersecurity Startup Hub Security

FPGA-based cyber platform closes Series A funding round with additional investment from OurCrowd Tel Aviv, May 7, 2020 – Hub Security, a startup that offers military-grade cybersecurity solutions for fintech, cloud, blockchain and data storage, announced today it has closed a $5 million Series A funding round led by AXA Ventures,...

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What is Ransomware

Today the world has become increasingly aware of the threat of cyber attacks and data breaches, but not all organizations know how to defend themselves against them. Systems breaches great and small have more than doubled in the past five years, and the attacks have grown in both sophistication...

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