Wyoming Takes the Lead in Blockchain Regulations, Will Others Follow?

Wyoming announced last month it may be the first state to make ‘blockchain banks’ a thing. If this sounds strange to you –– it’s because legally and conceptually it is. To date, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have roamed the blockchain network unchecked and unregulated. When blockchain technology first emerged, many...

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The Rise of Blockchain Banking (and Its Inevitable Downfall?)

As the financial industry begins its long-awaited move to adaptive blockchain technology, many banks are becoming increasingly open to the use of crypto-based solutions for digitizing assets. It’s no secret the future of banking is digital for many financial institutions looking to modernize their product offerings. It even appears...

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We are Hiring – PPC Manager

Hub’s marketing is growing! We are looking for a B2B PPC/marketer to join our team! The right candidate will be joining the growing marketing team, based in Tel-Aviv and marketing a unique and exciting cyber security product! The right candidate should be: B2B and technical oriented experienced in PPC,...

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Does One-Size-Fits-All key management solution really work for you?

We wrote earlier this week about key management, and how today’s solutions fail the little guy. On top of their high price points, inaccessible installation and overly complex management –– today’s cyber solutions from giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google often fall short for mid-tier companies. Which doesn’t really...

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Protecting Digital Assets in the Cyber craze-Era with Hub Security

We know you know your digital assets are vulnerable. But we’re not sure you realize how much

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