Author: Gili Nizani

loT and Edge Computing

How IoT and Edge Computing Are Shaping Healthcare Cybersecurity

With healthcare providers requiring constant access to patient data, the fear of potential data leaks is already high and efforts to safeguard patients are driving higher security budgets across the sector. Edge computing means security along the network perimeter is decentralized, forcing enterprises to be far more vigilant of the privacy of end-users –– as well as compliant to increasingly stringent regulation.

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secure building
Confidential Computing

Zero-Trust Confidential Computing for Legacy Systems

The HUB Vault is an ultra-secure hardware and software confidential computing platform designed to protect your most valuable legacy systems and applications. The programmable and customizable MultiCore confidential compute platform enables companies a simple, flexible, and scalable digital transformation to the cloud regardless of legacy model.

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Aviation Industry Grapples with Basic Cyber Protection
cloud security

Aviation Industry Grapples with Basic Cyber Protection

The latest hack signals how imperative it is for enterprise airlines to ensure Infosecurity best practices are put in place in order to avoid future devastating data breaches from taking place. The industry as a whole lacks strict requirements to prevent such incidents or even adhere to specific cybersecurity standards.

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Jonathan klinger

Token Regulation – How To Avoid Common Regulatory Mistakes

Jonathan joins Hub Security in our new video and goes over the legal framework on token issuance and explain how to issue tokens in a non-regulated and regulated form. We cover the common mistakes other issuers had with actual case studies. in addition we reviewed the different regulatory opportunities and how to qualify for sandbox regulation.

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