Highly Secured
Highly Flexible
Hardware security solutions for identity enforcement, finance, cloud and blockchain applications.

What we do

Solving Complex
Signing Flow

With our highly secure HSM solutions, sending, signing, and authenticating transactions is quick, easy, and intuitive.

Advanced Cyber
Security Solutions

Creating ultra secure hardware and software architecture to protect your most valuable digital assets. Our unique embedded Firewall and Air Gap solution enables security and availability.

Standardizing Regulation and Compliance

Ensuring our end-to-end HSM based solutions fit Fips 140-2 level 4 Certification. Delivering the highest level of security for Enterprises.

Secure Remote Access

Our mini HSM allows secure access to team members working remotely regardless of the application or the location.

Blockchain Agnostic

Effortlessly manage multiple tokens and digital assets inside HUB Security’s ultra secure HSM platform.

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Always available and online,
distributed redundancy solution enables fast and automatic backup in real time.

Our solutions

FireVault HSM

Ultra Secure Keys Management & Digital Assets HSM for Finance, Cloud services and Enterprise

HUB’s HSM Vault is a dedicated hardware server and 24/7 always online, key management solution for safely storing and using all of your company’s sensitive data. Our FireVault HSM unique hardware architecture is built to deliver an ultra secure hybrid hot-cold solution, alongside availability and simplicity. The FireVault’s end-to-end hardware solution enables a seamless and secure signing flow, with an embedded Firewall, an integrated Air Gap solution, embedded touch screen, remote secure mobile access, a distributed redundancy solution, and an internal tamper detection and response system.



Ultra Secure Keys Management & Digital Assets Handheld Solution

The only Hardware handheld device with an embedded Firewall. HUB Security’s MiniHSM safely secures and protects your digital assets with the hardware based firewall, an EMI Shield, encrypted backup solution, and anti-tamper case. Our unique firewall creates logical and physical separation while multiple layers of protection in hardware and software complement each other for all-around protection against multiple types of local and remote attacks.


Core team

Eyal Moshe
Co Founder & CEO
Andrey Iaremenko
Co Founder & CTO
Ido Helshtock
Adam Kalmovitch

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