Month: July 2021

Confidential computing diagram
Artificial Intelligence

Cutting Edge

For the experienced reader, edge computing should not be too hard to comprehend. In July 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, in large part

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Dr.Wendy Ng
cloud security

Zero Trust: Speaker Spotlight with Wendy Ng

This week we had the pleasure to interview Dr. Wendy Ng, Cloud Security Architect Lead at OneWeb and discuss zero trust, software vulnerabilities and security practices. Dr. Wendy Ng will be a speaker on our next ‘Zero-Trust Security Approach’ online Summit this week.

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colonial pipeline
critical infrastructure security

What We Can Learn in the Aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline Hack

The Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid hackers a ransom of $4.4 million in bitcoin soon after discovering the attack on its systems which began May 6th. In addition, the hackers also stole nearly 100 gigabytes of data from Colonial Pipeline and subsequently threatened to leak it in one of the most high-profile ransomware attacks of the last decade.

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