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A Cyber Security Platform

HUB Security is a secure computing platform to unlock the power of 5G, edge & AI.
Leveraging a new security paradigm with Confidential Computing.
HUB Security has developed a family of products that provide the highest level of
enterprise security available on the market today.

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HUB Security Products

On premise or as-a-service cyber security products for data in use, privacy and AI applications

HUB Vault for Confidential Computing

HUB vault HSM


HUB Vault for Digital Assets – Free Trial!

Confidential computing

HUB Vault for Confidential Computing

HUB vault HSM


HUB Vault for Digital Assets – Free Trial!

Our Solutions

Securing Edge Computing

Hub Security’s multi-core zero-trust confidential computing platform that provides end-to-end protection of secure edge environments for a wide-range of industries.

Healthcare Security

Protecting high sensitive data, AI, medical records and supply chain. As well as medical identity authentication.  

Digital Assets

HUB as a platform protects and isolates  your company’s digital assets and also provides the infrastructure you need to access it securely.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

Aligned with critical infrastructure standards. Identity management, remote workforce access and policy enforcement.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance​

Securing high value transactions, swift, digital payments and assets with a programmable HSM Vault designed for fips 140-2 level 4 .

Smart City and IoT

Smart City

Micro HSM integrated into any system to protect IoT use cases including transportation, smart cities, data privacy and identity. 

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