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Customizable Hardware Security

HUB Security is building a customisable, flexible and programmable cyber security platform. The company is a military-grade provider of HSM, key management and cryptographic solutions for critical infrastructure, confidential computing, fintech and blockchain security. HUB Security has developed a family of products that provide the highest level of enterprise security available on the market today.

HUB Security Products

End to end security solutions, In-house designed and manufactured HSM and mini-HSM for a highly secured and flexible ecosystem


mini HSM Cloud

HUB Vault  HSM as a Service


HUB Vault for Confidential Computing


HUB As A Service

HUB for Confidential Computing

Our Solutions

Banking and Finance

Securing high value transactions, swift, digital payments and assets with a programmable HSM Vault designed for fips 140-2 level 4 .

Cloud and Telecom

Cloud KMS-HSM as a service. Low cost, high efficiency , multicore HSM built for cloud. Full hardware isolation and secure enclave for each tenant.

Smart City and IoT

Micro HSM integrated into any system to protect IoT use cases including transportation, smart cities, data privacy and identity. 

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Fips 140-2 Level 4 security, built to meet financial standard. Insurance protection for digital assets and blockchain apps.

Critical Infrastructure

Aligned with critical infrastructure standards. Identity management, remote workforce access and policy enforcement

Health Care

Protecting high sensitive data, medical records and supply chain. As well as medical identity authentication  

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