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Hub Security

HUB has set out to create the world’s most secure platform for your digital assets.

There is a massive gap in the market of blockchain and digital asset security systems that must to be filled in order to keep the world’s private data and assets safe from theft. HUB Security is prepared and ready to fill this gap and meet the demands for accessible cybersecurity systems that ensure our digital assets are safeguarded.

Implementing advanced cybersecurity tactics and utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software innovations, HUB Security has created a product that is more advanced than any other digital currency wallet on the market today.


Eyal Moshe

Co Founder & CEO

Andrey Iaremenko

Co Founder & CTO

Alon Cohen

Co Founder & Board Advisor

Adam Kalmovitch


Ido Helshtock


Yoav Vilner

Yoav Vilner


Yoav Green

Yoav Green

Head of BizDev

Guy Ovadia

Senior Security Expert

Michael Biehl

Senior Developer

Zach Gerstman

Zach Gerstman

Senior Developer

Offir Swisa

Senior Engineer

Taylor Sattler

Head of Growth

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